Home furnishings:

One Saturday each month, our Home Furnishings coordinator, Bob, and three or four volunteers pick up and/or deliver gently used home furnishings throughout the County.  Not all furniture is deemed appropriate for our families, so Bob is selective about the items we can accept.

If you would like to help Bob for three to four hours once a month (or even just once a year), please contact us.

Fund Raisers:

Our fundraising chair, Kathy, has wonderful ideas for continually making new friends through annual events such as our fall wine and beer tasting and our spring casino night.  More diverse events are being considered for the future.  All  require energy in soliciting donations, staffing the registration and check-out tables, and ensuring that all attendees have a positive experience.

If you would like to help Kathy, please contact us.


We occasionally conduct workshops for our parents to learn how to improve their life skills, thus improving their financial literacy.  If you can provide a free car maintenance clinic, review resumes, or consult on a different topic, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Like kids? Plenty of children tag along and need supervision while their parents focus on the workshop content.  If you like puzzles, board games, building blocks, and kids, please contact us.  Please note: We will need to obtain your PA Child Abuse Clearance and run a criminal background check before the fun can begin.