Interfaith Housing becomes North Star of Chester County

Event date: July 1st


We are so excited to finally share our plans for the future of Interfaith Housing. Beginning July 1, 2018, Interfaith Housing Assistance Corporation of Chester County will be known as North Star of Chester County! 

This year, the agency celebrates its 25th anniversary helping working single parent families. Our old name served us well for 25 years, allowing the organization to expand its reach to serve families throughout the County. But just as Chester County has changed during that time, so have the problems facing the families we serve. We wanted a new name that communicated the breadth of services we offer the participants in our program and clear up any confusion caused by our old name. While our name is changing, our mission and dedication to our families is not.

For centuries, the North Star has been a guiding force for those looking for help when they needed it most. From sailors navigating by the stars to members of the Underground Railroad going north for freedom and a new life, the North Star showed them the way. Through our structured program of ongoing rental assistance, case management, and educational workshops, we guide our struggling families toward financial independence. 

This page is just a temporary home while we build our new website at which will launch alongside our name change on July 1, 2018.

We look forward to continuing to serve this community for many more years