Senator Casey’s “Grandparents Act” Passes Senate, House Vote Incoming

United States Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania passed the “Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act” last month, a bill he co-authored with Maine Senator Susan Collins. The Act creates a national task force to support grandparents who have adopted their grandchildren. The rise in grandparents becoming care providers of grandchildren has grown alongside the ongoing opioid crisis. The Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act seeks to give these grandparents the same level of rights and access to resources as parents. Senators Casey and Collins estimate more than a million grandchildren are being raised by their grandparents. The Act passed the Senate in late March, 2018. Now, the House is set to to vote on it, with Senators rallying support to get the bill to the President’s desk. 

Are you, or do you know someone, who is raising their grandchildren as a result of the opioid crisis? Parents caught in the throes of addiction are leaving children behind through incarceration, rehab, or death. Providing grandparents who have stepped in to take care of their children with access to the support they deserve is a critical component of this legislation. 

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