11 Chester County Zip Codes On PA’s Most-Expensive List

Rent prices in Chester County continue to rise. For many families, particularly the most vulnerable like single parent families, the growing cost of living, combined with stalled wages, leads to hardship and a lack of housing options. The cause for the high rent prices may be traced to the high price of real estate. Real estate data firm, Property Shark recently published a study of the most-expensive zip codes in Pennsylvania. The ensuing list of the 50 most-expensive zip codes in Pennsylvania includes 11 in Chester County. Considering more than 1/5 of the most expensive zip codes in Pennsylvania are in Chester County, it’s easier to see how the cost of real estate is handed down to rentors through rising rent prices, pricing low-income families out of the area. “West Chester had two zips make the list: its 19382 zip code’s median price of $360,000 placed it 41st in the state,” writes Justin Heinze of Patch.com. “Meanwhile, it’s 19480 zip code placed 46th ($345,000 median).” 

For more information, and to read the full report, go to Patch.com

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